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jennifer greenawalt hairstylist fever haven hair salon

Jennifer @blondedbythelites

Owner, Stylist, Educator & Director of First Impressions:

Owner & Stylist of sister location, HAVEN of HARRISBURG.

With 22+ years in the industry, Jennifer thrives on working closely with clients and coworkers to help discover their best selves and empower them to achieve their goals. 

This wife and mama to 2 boys + 1 Great Dane cherishes her time both at home, behind the chair, within each business location both at HAVEN + FEVER of HERSHEY, and is thankful for every kind soul along the way.  With her nurturing and passionate approach, Jenn continues to inspire and uplift those she encounters, leaving a lasting impact on the  industry.

brooke houghton hairstylist fever hair salon

Brooke Houghton



If you're in Hershey and seeking a hair transformation that comes with a side of charm and a dose of enthusiasm, be sure to look up Brooke. She's ready to make your hair dreams come true while sharing her love for life's little joys and, of course, her adorable feline companions. When you book your appointment with her, each client at FEVER of HERSHEY will sit in the chair of a dedicated artist who is always developing her craft.  Be prepared for a delightful experience!

heather trusa hairstylist fever hair salon

Heather Trusa


This wife and cat mama is a highly experienced hairstylist who combines her soft-spoken demeanor with a remarkable attention to detail to create exceptional hair transformations. With a passion for the art of hairstyling, she has earned a reputation for not only her technical expertise but also her ability to make every client feel truly special. At your next appointment with Heather at FEVER of HERSHEY, you can expect to not only look your best but also enjoy a calming and enriching experience in her presence.

Marissa Shaffer Headshot_edited_edited.j

Marissa Shaffer


Marissa's keen interest in fashion trends and culture is at the heart of her craft. She keeps a watchful eye on the ever-evolving world of style, allowing her to offer clients the latest and most stylish haircuts, colors, and techniques. This dedicated wife, mama and a connoisseur of fashion trends and culture uses her unique blend of skills and passion for what's in vogue, offering our clients at FEVER of HERSHEY an all-encompassing experience that goes beyond just hair.

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